Entered into force a new procedure for calculating subsidies

From January 1, 2020, entered into force the new order of appointment of housing and utility subsidies.

Вступил в силу новый порядок начисления субсидий

About it reports “Hvil” referring to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada.

It was determined that for the appointment of housing subsidies at the request of the structural units on issues of social protection of the population within five days from the date of its receipt are, in particular, on the amount overdue for more than two months (on the date of filing of such information) debt:

  • on payment of housing and communal services
  • costs of management of the apartment building, the Statute of limitations which has not expired,
  • on payment of the fee for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of metering
  • subscription service for consumers of utilities in apartment houses under individual contracts.

The accuracy of the data need be checked in:

  • State register of rights to immovable property — the right of ownership of the land, a flat (house);
  • The state register of civil status of citizens about the state registration of marriage, divorce, birth, death, individuals who are granted housing subsidy, and household members;
  • The unified state register of legal entities, individuals — entrepreneurs and community groups — about the registered physical persons — entrepreneurs.