Entered into force the law on support of the population and business in the conditions of the quarantine

The law for the support of the population and business under quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus on Friday, April 3, entered into force.

Вступил в силу закон о поддержке населения и бизнеса в условиях карантина

Today, the document was published in the edition “Voice of Ukraine”. It shall enter into force from the date of publication, according to RBC-Ukraine.

The document States that health and other workers directly engaged in work on elimination of the disease is coronavirus disease COVID-19, the government establishes a surcharge of up to 300% of salary, and for employees of social protection of the population, providing services to citizens in your home — up to 100% of salary.

Raised limits for groups of single tax payers physical persons-entrepreneurs:

the first group — with 300 000 UAH to 1 million UAH;
the second group — from 1.5 to 5 million hryvnia;
the third group with 5 to 7 million hryvnia.

Thus, transactions on import on customs territory of Ukraine of drugs, medical devices and equipment to counter COVID-19 and their deliveries are exempt from VAT.

The document also determines that:

temporarily, until may 31, 2020, the excise tax is levied at the rate of 0 UAH per 1 liter of 100 percent alcohol from ethyl alcohol, which is used for the production of disinfectants;
land charges and property tax are payable on March 1 to March 31, 2020;
penalties for nonpayment or late payment of the single social contribution (ERU), failure to submit (untimely submission) reporting of payment of ERUs do not apply from March 1 to may 31.

According to the law, during the quarantine, the participants of the case may participate in the hearing via videoconference outside the building using their own technical means. The document stipulates the right of the court during the quarantine to take the decision to restrict access of persons not parties to the trial, at the hearing, if participation would pose a threat to the life or health of the person.

In addition, the document for a period of quarantine prohibits the increase in the interest rate under the credit agreement.

The act introduced rules for remote work of employees: the General rule of working time provided by the Code of labour laws of Ukraine, workers distribute the working time in its sole discretion, the execution of the remote operation does not entail any restriction of labour rights, reduction of salary.

While the appeal of the employer will be paid benefits for partial unemployment to workers who are laid off from work, but their wages and working hours reduced by the employer (only for small and medium enterprises).

Well as continued payment of state aid to low-income families, other types of public assistance, disability pension for a period of quarantine.

In addition, the document specifies that a quarantine period, the Cabinet will have the right to set maximum prices for goods and epidemiological purposes and social goods.

According to the law, the quarantine period, the local councils, their Executive committees will have the right to conduct remote meetings via videoconference or audio conference, the agenda of which can only include issues of urgent amendments to the local budget, and other issues on urgent works on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations or speedy elimination severe of emergencies caused by outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.

Note to journalists is guaranteed, as before, unimpeded movement on the territory of Ukraine, including in the areas where the emergency situation is declared.