Éric Duhaime dragged to court for unpaid school taxes

Éric Duhaime taken to court over unpaid school taxes


The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec not only fails to pay his municipal taxes on time, but has also been dragged into court for overdue school tax bills, which a bailiff has been appointed to recover.

Last week, The Journalrevealed that Éric Duhaime was threatened with having two buildings seized for non-payment of municipal taxes to the City of Quebec, with overdue accounts totaling more than $14,000. 

Documents of court unveiled by La Presse and of whichLe Journal obtained a copy reveal that Mr. Duhaime was also in default of payment for his school taxes at the Center de services scolaire (CSS ) de la Capitale, between October 2018 and January 2021. He had thus accumulated a statement of account of $2,411.76, including capital and interest. 

Authorized Bailiff >

The CSS went to court to recover the sums due. In June 2021, he obtained a judgment ordering Mr. Duhaime to pay $2,411.76. He also obtained a notice of execution to be carried out by a bailiff. In July 2021, he was responsible for “seizing the movable property belonging to the person against whom enforcement measures are taken”, in this case, Éric Duhaime.

“Mr. Duhaime paid his late taxes, as well as associated interest and penalties. He is accountable and assumes full responsibility,” said Cédric Lapointe, Éric Duhaime's press officer.

More details to come…

– With the collaboration of Gabriel Côté (Agence QMI)

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