Escape: Dave Morissette packs his bags with his son Zack in the “Next destination” series

Évasion: Dave Morissette packs his bags with his son Zack in the series &laquo ;Next destination»


Dave Morissette hadn't traveled much for fun until now, but he's making up for his 50th birthday in the 'Next Destination' series, packing his bags for eight international destinations with his son Zack. 

The two men, who don't see each other often, somehow find each other through these trips. The former Montreal Canadiens player hosts “The NHL Aftergame” on TVA Sports with Élizabeth Rancourt, while Zack follows in his footsteps on the ice while playing in the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL ). He dreams of being recruited by an American university.

In the first episode of the series, which airs this Monday on Évasion, they set sail for Bogota, Colombia, to discover the local culture. They taste typical dishes and, great athletes that they are, they take the opportunity to stretch their legs by climbing a mountain and discovering an unknown sport, the tejo. They are also going to see a football match, a must.

“We got so much money! We had fun, we played sports, we tasted incredible dishes and we met incredible people,” Zack told QMI Agency.

It's beautiful to see them evolve in the heart of this human adventure where they get out of their comfort zone and live real experiences, Dave and Zack being like “old buddies” enjoying a good time together. Dave, who we know is close to his emotions, does not hesitate to tell his 18-year-old son that he loves him, which is part of the charm of this meeting in which we willingly go off the beaten track. .

“To see Zack on a daily basis, to see him interact with others, his curiosity, his kindness, his sense of humor, to talk about his projects with him, I was really proud. We had beautiful moments of exchange, discussions that remain,” said Dave, adding that their relationship has gone to another level.

“A trip is a good time to test your limits, work on your relationship, get to know each other. Zack left home at 13. He was in Alberta last year and he's in Ontario this year.”

Besides Bogota, Dave and Zack are also flying to Havana, Cuba, Marrakech, Morocco, and Istanbul, Turkey, the destination that most upset Dave. Throughout this adventure, they took turns choosing the next stop. Without wanting to get wet, Dave promised “a twist” during the season. “We wanted it to be true!”

Produced by Zone3, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, and directed by Jeff Proteau, the “Next destination” series airs every Monday at 9 p.m. on Évasion, starting October 24.