Ester Holdings: the reviews about the company

Ester Holdings: отзывы о компании

In this situation, many people are thinking about learning a new profession, where you can enjoy working from home a couple of hours a day. Trading — area that is perfect for this. But to get the revenue necessary skills that require professional and thorough preparation.

Undergo a thorough training in the basics of trading offers an international investment company Ester Holdings. Here developed a unique program for training of specialists in trading on the exchange. Classes are conducted by experienced and practicing traders and financiers. After completing the course you will understand how the major economies of the world, how does news affect stock prices, and how to earn some money.

Broker offers two types of training: free and paid. Free available articles, webinars, master classes and an introductory module on trading. The information is structured and organized. Paid training includes four courses: Adaptive, Basic, Universal, Liberty. They differ in the ratio of practice and theory, and after graduating from a certificate or diploma from a financial consultant, analyst or practitioner of the trader.

The company Ester Holdings gives a strong base to start a new career, and a professional staff ready to provide support and assistance to new traders. In network a lot of positive feedback and reviews on the work of the broker. However, there are also negative responses. As a rule, for several reasons:

  • Many people still believe that distance learning is not serious. Therefore, for a paid online course you’re ready to pay. Moreover, many believe that the free content is enough to learn trading yourself.
  • Some of the students, yielding to advertising and rave reviews, considered trading easy money, while not venturing into the profession. And at the first market failure start to blame the broker.
  • Unscrupulous online school for trading, not being able to offer quality services, prefer to pay negative reviews in the hope to get rid of a competitor.

So to make a decision about the courses on the platform Holdings Ester better, based on a thorough analysis and the opinions of the experienced professionals.

Reviews from real students


I have long thought of doing trading and investments. But somehow did not dare, because a thorough knowledge base for this was not. My friend Sam recently completed training in Ester Holdings and was very pleased. Here he not just learned to track stock quotes, and received a thorough knowledge about the economy. I decided and trained. Left the stuffy office, family and hobby now with more time. Most importantly, Ester Holdings after training, you do not remain in an information vacuum. A lot of information on the company’s website in the section EsterNews.



The course is suitable even for beginners without basic knowledge in the economy. The teachers are professional traders, so clear material, based on real experience. You will be acquainted with the basic terms and trading software. And the fact that the course takes place online is super convenient. Because you can not be distracted from their main job.



I read a lot of negative reviews online and avoided the platform side. But then a colleague at work told me that they have passed the courses and now has additional income, and generally considering to leave work. Used to think that trading is about luck, but he explained that their laws and you need to be able to understand them. Decided to take thoroughly. Still pass the course but can already see results.