Estrie: QS wants to be a strong opposition

Estrie: QS wants to be a strong opposition


The solidarity candidates have asked Estriens to trust them to form a strong opposition while the Liberals are still dreaming of forming the next government, they hinted during their campaign report on Friday.< /strong> 

Québec solidaire played cards on the table and invited the Estriens to entrust it with the mandate to hold a strong opposition to François Legault.

“The CAQ does not need a 100th deputy. We have candidates close to people with remarkable skills. Let's send a delegation of solidarity deputies from the Eastern Townships to the National Assembly,” affirmed the candidate in Richmond, Philippe Pagé.

The solidarity members still hope to make inroads outside of Sherbrooke, even if Gabriel Nadeau- Dubois concentrated his visits in Sherbrooke and Saint-François.

“I did not feel neglected, commented the candidate in Orford, Kenza Sassi. On the contrary, we were all involved throughout this campaign and we understand that for demographic reasons the announcements took place in Sherbrooke.”

Other party, different discourse

The Liberal candidate in Sherbrooke, François Vaes, refused to talk about opposition. He is convinced that his party will form the next government.

“I am convinced more than ever that we will win the next elections,” he mentioned during his campaign report.

Mr. Vaes also believes in his chances of becoming a deputy, even if he obtained only 4% of the voting intentions in the recent poll by the firm Segma. “We're going to be your surprise on the evening of October 3, I guarantee it, our base is stronger than ever.”

For its part, the Parti Québécois (PQ) made a final regional announcement on Friday. He has undertaken to grant eight additional places at the CPE Chez tante Juliette in Stoke.

“This is an issue that is close to my heart as a father. It is not normal for parents to wonder if their child will have a place in daycare. Do we ask ourselves this question when it comes time to go to school? indicated the candidate in Mégantic, André Duncan.

He is satisfied with the PQ campaign, even if its leader did not come to Estrie. “We would have liked to receive our chef in Estrie, but he cannot be everywhere. Paul ran an extraordinary campaign.”