Ethereal girl: discussing photo of his daughter, Svetlana Loboda


Svetlana Loboda currently performs concert tour in Europe. The actress has acted in Sardinia, has now arrived in Antalya. Svetlana tour accompanied by her eight-year-old daughter, Evangelina, which considers itself the main support of the star mother. Today Loboda shared unusual the heiress. “My love” — emotionally signed frame Loboda.

Неземная девочка: в Сети обсуждают фото дочери Светланы Лободы

And more recently in Monte Carlo, a festival of Russian Music Festival, where he gave concerts of our artists. Svetlana Loboda is also performed, with great success, performing, among others, and their hits “All people as people, and I’m a superstar”, “Your eyes”, “the Bullet-fool”. And in her spare time she and her friends enjoy a comfortable summer vacation. It was a noisy company spent time in the restaurant on the beach, where, incidentally, sounded and her songs. Svetlana lit, staged dances on the table. Because in their concerts, the singer had a lot of dancing, her improvisation also looked very professional. The audience clapping and singing along, admiring her spur of the moment.

This summer at Loboda – hot streak. Her performances are celebrated, it is beautiful to look at, getting compliments from an unexpected quarter.