EU adopts ambitious measures to restore the economy

The European Union and member countries have already sent to the support of citizens, industry and business in a pandemic COVID-19 unprecedented sum exceeding 3 trillion euros.

ЕС принимает масштабные меры для восстановления экономики

This was stated by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday at an extraordinary session of the European Parliament, held in Brussels with the possibility of remote attendance and voting for the deputies, the correspondent UKRINFORM.

“As a result of all our action a collective response in Europe (the crisis of coronavirus) is much more than 3 trillion euros. This is the most impressive answer than anywhere else in the world. But we know that we need more, much more,” — said the President of the European Commission.

According to her, in the current situation, everybody needs help, and in this context, the EU adopts ambitious measures to the European economy as soon as possible was ready to recover.

“Over the past four weeks, Europe has done more than four years since the last crisis… for the First time in history, we have shown flexibility in the Pact of stability and growth. Along with the decisive actions of the European Central Bank that provides unprecedented fiscal and financial resources to help those most in need. The decision of Finance Ministers, adopted last week, is another step in the right direction, because it opens access to an additional 500 billion euros for those who need support,” said von der Leyen.

She also recalled the initiative of the European Commission on the introduction of a program of shortened working hours SURE — of the new scheme at a cost of 100 billion euros, which allows national governments to protect key enterprise and business, and help them to keep jobs, workers, and the ability to quickly restore production.

“Appeal SURE has two aspects. On the one hand, the program will help people pay rent, food, maintain the viability of the business. And on the other — this scheme is the personification of solidarity. Member countries that can do it, provide a (financial) guarantee to others, to help those who have been hardest hit by the crisis in their countries,” — said the President of the European Commission.

According to Worldometer, world was 2 084 744 cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 134 lethal 685, 515 475 recovered.