Eugene the cat intend to fall in love with your partner

Member of the project “Dances with stars z” Eugene the cat who was surprised by the sensual performance of Ksenia Mishina, admitted, jealous of his wife to the partner, says “social life”.

Евгений Кот ставит себе цель влюбиться в партнершу

According to the Cat every time before you participate in a dance show he intend to fall in love with your partner, so their performances were a spectacular view.

“Always on the floor I set a goal to fall in love with your partner, so my dancing look always so ardent and passionate. My wife is not jealous. She waits every Sunday to my house. Before she came here, and now no, because I always ask the question: “And, perhaps, the novel is Zhenya with a partner?” – said the cat.

In turn, the current partner Eugene, actress Ksenia Mishina noted that never would have crossed family values.

“It is important that she understands that it is art. In life everything happens, but I have certain limits, because I’m an actress, I am constantly working with such situations. I have persistent venues, new partners, I’ve learned to control myself. There are certain rules. I know his wife, she’s very cool artist, I respect both of them,” — said Mishin.