European automakers stopped plants

European automakers suspend production on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Европейские автопроизводители остановили работу заводов

French carmaker PSA Group, which manufactures cars under the brands Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Vauxhall and Opel announced the closure of all enterprises in Europe to 27 March, Interfax reported.

Monday not working automobiles in the French Mulhouse and Madrid, Tuesday closed three companies in France, in Zaragoza, Spain, two German plant, as well as companies in the UK and Poland. From March 18 to suspend the production plants in Portugal, the French and the Spanish Orden Vigo, 19 March — at the British Luton and in Slovakia.

Fiat Chrysler is suspending almost all production for the next two weeks. Will be closed to eight companies, including six in Italy.

Renault SA will temporarily cease industrial operations in Spain after the introduction by the government of a state of emergency for 15 days. The suspension will last until the abolition of that regime, the report says the French automaker. The company plans to quickly restore production after a crisis situation.

French tyre manufacturer Michelin announced the closure Tuesday of enterprises in Italy, Spain and France at least a week. The company notes that the period of suspension of work, depending on the development of the situation can be extended, and also introduced in other European countries.

The German Volkswagen has announced that it becomes difficult to maintain production volumes at the European plants due to disruption of supplies of components, as well as the introduction of emergency regimes in various countries of the region.

The company noted the improvement of the situation in China, where he resumed work on 31 of the 33 of its enterprises.

Italian factories of VW, which produces Lamborghini and Bugatti, have suspended production, as well as the Spanish plants for the production of SEAT, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The television station N-TV on Tuesday reported that Volkswagen March 20, will suspend production due to the coronavirus. It does not specify on what the factories of the company involved.