‘Eurovision-2020’ was canceled because of a pandemic coronavirus

Song contest “Eurovision-2020” has been cancelled, according to “Medusa”.

'Евровидение-2020' отменили из-за пандемии коронавируса

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The organizers stressed that in recent weeks considered various options for changing the format to a contest still held, but in the end amid growing uncertainty over the closure of the borders decided on its abolition.

From Russia on “Eurovision”, was part of the group Little Big.

The competition was held in the Netherlands from 12 to 16 may.

About the official cancellation of the contest also said the correspondent of TASS, the official representative of EMU David Goodman.

“Yes, we can confirm this,” he said.

In a press release posted on the organization’s website, expressed deep regret in connection with the cancellation of “Eurovision-2020”. It is emphasized that the decision “was difficult”. It is motivated by the uncertainty associated with the spread of the disease COVID-19.

“The contest “Eurovision-2020″, which was held in the Ahoy concert hall in Rotterdam 12,14 and 16 may, cancelled, — said in a press release. — Considering the measures taken by the Dutch authorities and the authorities of other countries, the European broadcasting Union decided that the event could not be held”.

'Евровидение-2020' отменили из-за пандемии коронавируса

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It is noted that the competition may be held in Rotterdam in 2021.

“It appears that Rotterdam is and will remain a city that needs to take the next “Eurovision”, — stated in the message of the Dutch organizers of the event. — We are proud that Rotterdam is ready to take on this role and in 2021. In the coming period we together [with the city authorities and the European broadcasting Union] discuss how this can be done”.

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