Eva green presented the drama “Proxima” on the red carpet of the festival in San Sebastian

One of the brightest appearances on the red carpet of the Spanish film festival was the release of Eva green, who visited San Sebastian, to present a new tape with his participation – drama directed by Alice Vinokur “Proxima”.

Ева Грин представила драму «Проксима» на красной дорожке фестиваля в Сан-Себастьяне

For the first posing in front of spectators and photographers Greene chose a black dress with an asymmetrical cut, adding to its wide belt and sandals on wedge heels and flashy jewelry. It on photos made Zeli bulan, and it was clear how the actress managed to make friends despite the age difference. One of the pictures is Eva even without the difficulty raised Her young in his arms.

The appearance of the actress at the evening premiere of the picture was altogether stunning. The star appeared before the lens in a futuristic translucent dress with elegant silver trim. Make-up Eva, as often it happens, have focused on the eyes, emphasizing them with dark shading.

Ева Грин представила драму «Проксима» на красной дорожке фестиваля в Сан-Себастьяне

The plot of the new film Alice Vinokur – the story of a French astronaut Sarah, where have the whole year to leave the Land for the mission on the spaceship “Proxima”. In addition to the intense strength training that will have Sarah as the only woman in the team, it takes a lot of mental preparation. After all, on the home planet will remain Stella – seven-year-old daughter of an astronaut, and has played Zelie bulan. The decision of Sarah to go on a long mission beyond Earth introduces chaos into the relationship between mother and daughter.

“Proxima” is going to be incredibly full of emotion.