Eva Mendes does not limit the daughters in the choice of clothing

45-year-old Eva Mendes pushed the career of an actress into the background for the family.
On the education of daughters and future plans the star shared in a recent interview with ET.

Ева Мендес не ограничивает дочерей в выборе одежды

According to his wife, Ryan Gosling, Esmeralda the five and three year old Amanda have free access to her own wardrobe.
Girls love to try on shoes star moms and pretty confident on them keep, in spite of her young age. While eve does not force girls to wear dresses and does not impose his opinion about the choice of clothes.

“They’re so cool and beautiful because they are free in your choice! I never put pressure on them, not forced to wear what I want. If they wish to go shopping in pajamas please!” — shared the actress and added that the youngest daughter went to school in a costume of a puppy. Mendes believes that as the girls develop their own unique sense of style.
Esmeralda and Amanda go to preparatory classes, but once they go to school, Eva is considering a return to Hollywood. She stated that she was never going to completely abandon her acting career and she can’t wait to find a special role.
In an interview, Mendes also talked about family traditions. It turned out that they with Ryan and daughters celebrate both American and Cuban holidays.
Eva and Ryan together 2011. The actress admitted that raising children alone — without the help of nannies. It helps the man’s family, which is always ready to come to the rescue.