Even in the hospital, he continued to harass his superior

Even in the hospital, he continued to harass his superior


Even hospitalized, the ex-tax specialist of Deloitte accused of extreme harassment towards a superior with whom he said he was in love continued to flood him with messages, testified the victim, who feared more and more for his safety.

“He was increasingly out of touch with reality. He was obsessed, he created stories where I was always the central point,” she explained today at the Montreal courthouse.

For the third day, the tax expert testified at the trial of Philippe Dubé, a former chartered accountant who had worked under him two years ago. He fell in love with her, then harassed her to the extreme.

Besides being fixated on her, Dubé began to believe in conspiracies that his employer, who had fired him, wanted his skin. He even began to believe that comedian Martin Matte was sending him messages via advertisements for Maxi.


The victim says he ignored him for more than a year, but that would not have calmed Dubé, who continued to send him messages, at times worrying.

« We will meet again there- high”, he said, for example.

Dubé would have finally been hospitalized. But even then he reportedly continued by posting online that suggested he was plotting a killing spree and that he would be dangerous if released.

“He really scared me, said testified the woman suppressing sobs. When I found out he was going to be released [from the hospital], I left my apartment for a few days. 

The woman eventually filed a complaint with the police, and Dubé been charged with criminal harassment. His trial is scheduled for approximately one month.

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