Even sober people can have liver disease

Scientists have found that 60% of victims of non-alcoholic fatty hepatosis have bacteria that produce alcohol. And its quantity in the body is enough to cause liver damage.

Даже трезвые люди могут иметь болезни печени

Do not think that abstinence from ingestion of alcoholic beverages or absolute sobriety are one hundred percent protection from liver disease. Chinese scientists have found that 60% of victims of non-alcoholic fatty hepatosis have in your body a bacteria called K. pneumonia, which produces a sufficient amount of alcohol of medium strength. This alcohol is destructive to the liver, and provokes a serious illness. Strains of bacteria strain on our system, and he is unable to break down alcohol produced by the bacteria. The study authors were intrigued by this bacterium after one of the Chinese medical clinics I addressed 27-the summer young man in a state of intoxication that he could not explain.

The patient explained that regularly confronted with these feelings, even though do not consume a single gram of alcoholic beverages and even not eating the food subjected to fermentation. Doctors are very excited about this event, they carefully studied the analysis of the patient, which showed that in the intestine the number of bacteria K. pneumonia 900 times more than any average person. Well, this is bacteria and produce alcohol, which led to the poisoning and the development of characteristic symptoms without any use of alcoholic beverages.

Scientists emphasize that when the body is overloaded with K. pneumonia, he loses the opportunity to split the produced alcohol. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or steatosis brings together a group of disorders caused by accumulations of fat in the liver. Recall that a healthy liver should ideally not have fat or have a small amount of it Excess adipose tissue leads to fibrosis, which can cause cirrhosis.