Every voice: how to influence the fate of Russian-speaking Jews in the United States and the world

In this leap year will occur worldwide important and significant events is a British exit from the European Union (the so-called brickset), and the election of the President of the United States, and the third consecutive election in Israel, and held every five years the world Zionist Congress (WSC) in the days which resolved the most important issues not only impact on Israeli policy, but support Jewish communities around the world.

Важен каждый голос: как повлиять на судьбу русскоязычных евреев в США и мире

Photo: Igor Chodzinski (provided by the American Forum For Israel)

Russian-American community while the other gets less. This creates a feeling of deja vu, a bad replay of unpleasant memories, when in the former USSR, the Jews understood that the right to vote for them are limited; and that, for example, children can not because of the fifth paragraph in the passport to enter the prestigious Universities, taken as a given. Approximately the same situation and with the Zionist Congress: it solved the most important for Israel issues, but the representatives of the Russian community in the US, which this forum is, pardon the tautology, poorly represented, the adoption of these solutions can not influence.

And equally our Russian-American community practically nothing from the financial pie (and its size – $ 1 billion) does not receive because the value of the piece of the pie depends on the number represented in the Congress of delegates. Five years ago, in the elections to the 37th sun, the only Jewish American organizations representing our community, American Forum for Israel, managed to take ten seats among the 500 possible in the Congress and to a modest budget. No doubt, it was a success as 10 votes is better than nothing, but the financial support of our community, with 10 delegates in RCS is negligible.

The United States sent this year in the 500-seat FAC 152 delegate. These days, from 21 January to 11 March, elections are held in the FAC. And how actively each of us will vote, depends on the extent of our participation and influence in taking vital decisions for Israel (the country’s security, the preservation of Jerusalem, the strengthening of the IDF) and the level of financial support our Russian-American community.

The more our voices will be presented in the FAC, the higher will be the size of the allocated budget, which will allow the community of the United States the lessons of Hebrew, Israeli and Jewish holidays, a special event for Holocaust survivors and veterans of the Second world war, as well as for meeting single Jewish men and women (shidukh), lessons of the Torah, the lessons of Jewish history and tradition in Russian, numerous demonstrations in support of Israel and so on.

Yes, the stronger Israel is, the stronger the Diaspora; at the same time, the stronger the Diaspora, the stronger Israel.

World Zionist Congress – the organization that determines the direction of Jewish donations. Today, instead of directing funds to the building of a strong Israel and Jewish programs in the world, left-wing forces, left-liberal Jewish organizations in the United States, exploding in Congress, openly calling for the use of Jewish money to support Arab terrorists. These are influential organizations supported by billionaire George Soros J Street, invited in 2019 in the United States to the speech of the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine liberation Organization Saeb Erekat; such Jewish organizations as Breaking the Silence, Adala, Betzelem, Peace Now, which helps the boycott of Israel, support of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic BDS.

These American Jewish organizations are sponsoring the surveillance of the soldiers of the defense Army of Israel. Revealing the well-known case of Sergeant in the Israeli army Aloram Azarias, shot dead on 24 March 2016 an Arab terrorist in Hebron. For this he was charged with manslaughter. Frames with placed representatives of the organization Breaking the silence video cameras in the area were the main evidence for the prosecution.

For example, the organization Adala advocates for the allocation of funds to help the illegal immigrants arriving to Israel from North Africa. Because she has a voice in Congress, she gets the money, instead of these huge sums to be spent on the education of our Jewish children, at the elderly Jews to support the Jewish traditions around the world.

Until we begin to actively vote, pushing our representatives on FAC, to defend our interests, Israel will not receive the necessary support. Consequently, our numerous Russian-American community will not get what you deserve. Your voice can save the Jewish state and to help all of us living in America.

In these elections, Russian-speaking Jews of the United States is American Forum for Israel, whose leaders for many years to support Israel and the interests of the Russian-American community. Most of the candidates from the American Forum for Israel known as worthy leaders. The goal of American forum is to unite the Jews of the United States in support of Israel, a strong and proud Jewish state. His vote for the American forum, you will make a personal contribution to the strengthening of Israel and the security of your loved ones in Israel and in the United States.

Show Jewish solidarity and vote in the elections to the world Zionist Congress for American Forum for Israel – for your community. Cast your vote for American Forum for Israel and ask all your friends and family to do the same!

A strong Israel – strong Diaspora! Strong Diaspora – strong Israel!

Vote for American Forum for Israel – the only candidates in United States organization, all the candidates from which the Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants, by clicking in the list of candidate organizations for No. 12 on the website: https://www.zionistelection.org/.

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