Everything and its opposite

Everything and its opposite


One is fresh as spring water. The other is full, suave and warm. Each tasty, in its own way.

CORTE SANT'ALDA, Valpolicella 2020, Ca' Fiui, Italy

$28.85 – SAQ code 14555091 – 12.5% ​​– 1.9 g/L 

Biodynamics Marinella Camerani has been defending the Valpolicella terroir for thirty years at Corte Sant'Alda, which she leads biodynamically . At the first glass, both on the nose and in the mouth, his 2020 was rather shy. It was amazing: his valpolicella, by experience, is all the more alluring, expressive and drinkable. So I put the cap back on and put the bottle aside. The next day, at lunch, it was perfect! The contact with the air had awakened its aromas and the wine was bordering on exuberance. A profusion of red berries punctuated with thyme, pepper, copper and wildflowers. Lots of relief, silky tannins and good length. Drink now, or rather after aerating it for 30 or 40 minutes in a carafe, or let it rest in the cellar for 3 to 5 years.

THE WINES OF VIENNE, Cornas 2019, Les Barcillants, France

$58.25 – SAQ code 708438 – 14.5% – 2.2 g/L

I poured myself a drink, then, out of habit, I poured the contents into a decanter. Les Barcillants often displays a sustained oakiness, in addition to the tannic firmness specific to the Cornas appellation. Not in 2019. Well, not so much. If it is not red with thirst, it still surprises with its amusingly accessible, suave and velvety character. Black fruits abound, spices and herbs too, and the wine leaves a warm and satisfying impression on the finish. A pure delight with rare ribeye and rapini. Drink now through 2028. ****