Everything is simple: researchers were told how to renew life

Modern medicine has long stepped forward in the matter of longevity, however there are many simple and effective methods that don’t require any investment.

Все предельно просто: ученые рассказали, как бесплатно продлить жизнь

Thus, the Japanese scientists decided to study one of them and examined the Association between fast walking and life expectancy, reports the Rush Hour, citing foreign media.

It is noted that the head of the Japanese National center for geriatrics and gerontology of Hidenori Arai noticed that many people already being in old age begin to be active, and most importantly, a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, the expert shared his interesting discovery.

According to him, scientists successfully tested the walking speed of people aged 60 to 80 years and came to the conclusion that modern elderly people began to go faster by 5-10% than several decades earlier. In addition, the researchers found that brisk walking and longevity are closely related.

Thus it was proved that if a person is 70 years of age follows their usual walking pace and follows the rules of an active lifestyle, then it definitely will have a chance to live up to his 80th birthday.