Everything you need to know about the holidays: the secrets and mysteries of New year and Christmas in the United States

Christmas is a major American holiday, thanks to Hollywood it is known on all continents. Christmas traditions such as we imagine them to be in American culture began to take root only in the 19th century. Before the celebration of the birth of Jesus was equated with the crime and will be penalized. This is stated in the video Russian TV America.

Все, что нужно знать о праздниках: секреты и тайны Нового года и Рождества в США

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The fact that Christmas is a Catholic holiday and most of the colonists who lived in the U.S. at that time were puritans, Baptists, Protestants. For some Catholic traditions seemed inappropriate.

The first state that changed this was Louisiana in 1837. The Governor took the decision to make December 25 an official holiday, though then more trees in the US mass, no one was dressed up, maybe only a small stratum of immigrants from Germany and where this practice began.

But in 1843, the novelist Charles Dickens published his “Christmas Carol”, it just talked about fancy Christmas trees, gifts and Christmas songs. The book instantly became a bestseller in all English-speaking countries, in parallel, instilling a new tradition.

All Christmas traditions are somehow intertwined with the pagan holidays, because after the winter solstice, when the night is longest and the day shortest, the pagans were celebrating the approaching spring, and the power of the sun, is always accounted for around 25 Dec.

Santa Claus also became a symbol of Christmas thanks to the writer. In 1822 Clement Moore invented the Christmas tale in which a magical character Santa Claus gave children presents on Christmas.

In 1863, political cartoonist popularized Santa as a character, who loved to give gifts to all. Chief among these was the gift of a peaceful sky overhead. December 25, on all fronts, then marching to the Civil war (1861-1865) was heard no shot, it was a day without fighting, which also contributed to the establishment of Christmas as a peaceful and uniting holiday.

Perhaps, therefore, Civil war hero General Ulysses S. Grant in 1870, being the US President declared Christmas a national holiday and a General holiday.

And Christmas tree and Santa Claus remain with the Americans until the New year, some Americans can even take Christmas-new year vacation and relax, starting to mark 24 December, Christmas eve with the traditional eggnog and ending January 1, fruit punch.

January 1 is also national day, unlike Christmas, was so from the very appearance of the United States. Its main character is a new born baby Baby New Year is born in new year’s eve and next year grows up and ages to pass on their new baby exactly 12 months.

New year celebration in the US looks very similar to the celebration in the countries of the former USSR, there are also greeted him at the table with friends, fireworks, gather in the squares together and count down the last seconds of the year.

With this reference is associated, perhaps, the most iconic new year tradition, repeated in 1907 in new York. A minute before midnight on the square times Square with a height of 23 meters dropping a huge ball that drops exactly 1 minute and 10 seconds, the entire square counts down in unison. As soon as the ball touches the ground — the New year starts.

The story of Christmas and the New year in the United States is a mixture of traditions, beliefs and a small proportion of commercial interest. Americans love to give gifts and do it with pleasure not only in the New year and Christmas, but other holidays. The most important thing is not what you give, but how you celebrate the holiday and with whom.