Ewa Krawczyk under the care of doctors. What happened

The widow of the legend of the Polish music scene once again gives an interview about her own well-being.

Ewa Krawczyk under under the care of doctors. What happened

It is no secret that the spouses spent almost every moment of their relationship during all the years of their relationship.

She still uses the help of specialists

Ewa Krawczyk, who gained media popularity after the death of her husband, the legendary musician Krzysztof Krawczyk. As we remember from earlier tabloid reports, the artist's widow quickly became a celebrity.

She is still invited to various television events related to her husband, often gives interviews and promotes the tabloid, in which & oacute; some time ago, a disc with Krzysztof Krawczyk's greatest hits was released in the paper form.

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In addition, we know from the media how fiercely he fights with his stepson Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk for the property that ; that was to be written to her in her will.

Now Super Ekspres reports that the celebrity appeared in the program “Taniec z Gwiazdami”. She appeared in an episode where one of the couples was dancing to a song by her late husband. Following a later interview, she stated that she had to take a pill in order not to cry during the performance. She added that she still needed the help of specialists, as she still had not been able to cope with life in the world without her beloved husband.

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According to the tabloid, the celebrity often hangs over her husband's grave and is still not able to come to terms with his loss. During the interview, she admitted that she still counts on the help of doctors, whose therapies help her – I couldn't cope. I don't remember the last three months after his death. I don't remember what happened in my life. Someone tells me that I have been there or here & ndash; I don't remember it at all. Anyway, there is not much improvement either. There is so much that I can go out, talk, I can go out to people – said Ewa Krawczyk after the end of the episode of “Dancing with the Stars”.