Ewan McGregor pleaded happier in a relationship with a young lover

The actor praised their relationship in an interview with men’s journal.

Юэн МакГрегор признал себя счастливее в отношениях с молодой возлюбленной

In 2018 Ewan McGregor divorced his wife Eve Mavrakis — artist, with whom the actor lived for 22 years and raised four daughters. As the reason for the divorce, McGregor stated “irreconcilable differences”.

Now, Ewan is in a relationship with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a colleague on the series “Fargo.” About the relationship with Mary became known around the same time when I learned about divorce McGregor.
In an interview with Men’s Journal, Euan asked how he feels now, and whether it became easier in a new relationship.

Yeah, I’m better now. I really became happier

— briefly replied McGregor.

As you know, change partners Ewan was very painful for his family. The eldest daughter of MacGregor Clara openly disliked Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She once commented on her photo from the awards ceremony Vanity Fair on Instagram:

The most beautiful and talented woman on Earth?! My God, you are delusional. She’s just a piece of garbage.

Also Clara for some time was angry with his father because he left her mother. She also spoke on the social network. Later, however, Clara apologized to the father and said “still loves him”.