Ex-husband of Ani Lorak first showed the woman raising the daughter of singer

While Ani Lorak travels the country on tour, for her daughter Sophia keeping an eye on the nanny, and sometimes with her time and a father — Murat Nalchajian. Despite a very painful divorce, the singer did not interrupt communication ex-husband with my daughter. However, he sees her often. Most of the time he lives in Kiev, and only sometimes comes out with the baby.

Бывший муж Ани Лорак впервые показал женщину, воспитывающую дочь певицы

The day before Murat had just meet Sophia, which the singer lets go to the father, accompanied by attendants. The businessman has shown how spending time with her daughter and her nanny Irene. With her, the girl seems very warm relationship. The woman first got into the camera lens, the ex-wife Lorak. The singer, probably for security reasons this is not shown by the assistant.

Бывший муж Ани Лорак впервые показал женщину, воспитывающую дочь певицы

Ex-husband drove Sophia on shopping, have fun with it in the entertainment center, and after the little girl gave the Pope a master class on making slayma. In General, Murat had a very exciting weekend with daughter. “Wonderful day with my love,” he commented meeting.

Ani, by the way, recently admitted in an interview that Sophia was perceived as normal the fact of his parents ‘ divorce. The singer has hinted that her daughter often witnessed her quarrels with her husband. In such a situation, it is possible that parting Ani with Murat improved the atmosphere in the house of the singer. She tries to maintain the authority of the father and not talking about ex-husband badly in the presence of Sophia.

Said the singer about his new novel. Now it is found with Egor Gleb, the producer of Black Star. Steam does not advertise the details of their relationship, but the actress says that not even think about the new marriage. The previous experience was too painful for her.