Ex-husband of Fame Kaminskaya said the reasons for the divorce

Бывший муж Славы Каминской назвал причины развода

After a divorce, the member of the group “Neangely” Glory and Edgar Kaminskie did not disclose the reasons for the separation. If the singer sometimes shared their feelings in the network, her ex-husband published uncertain positions, in which only hinted at the reasons why they are unable to keep the family together. For the first time about divorce he spoke only now, six months later. Plastic surgeon admitted that the reason for the breakup was the distrust in the family — Glory to constantly were jealous.

Бывший муж Славы Каминской назвал причины развода

“No plates didn’t dump me, but, look, I tell you, I have a very difficult profession, I operate on people, and I need to be as focused and as calm as possible. That is, during operations, I don’t have to think about what will be home by now, or before surgery I get a call and something is trying to say. This is a surgical profession, and it is necessary to appreciate and understand as some point in my life there were many moments when I realized that it is difficult, for example, the difficulties at home, and then another complex operation”, — said Edgar in category “Kava z pepper” programs “Sravi way”.

Also he didn’t like the fact that his wife constantly wanted to improve themselves with a scalpel.

Large forms, e.g., breast or nose to change, or lips… We were fighting and could even not know, a few days, weeks, not to communicate on this subject”, — said the surgeon with the channel “Ukraine”.

Edgar admitted that he was happy in a new relationship, but to advertise them is not going to. Says that wants to create a family and have children.

Son Leon and daughter Laura live with Glory, but Edgar is seen with children and participates in their upbringing. Former spouses now almost do not talk, only on children. At the end of the interview, Edgar admitted that he is already happy in a new relationship.

Бывший муж Славы Каминской назвал причины развода

Glory manages actively touring and working with children. In network it shows the gorgeous figure and twisted new novel.

and changed the shape of the nose.

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