Ex-husband of Irina Bilyk found myself a new pair


Бывший муж Ирины Билык нашел себе новую пару

Sunday, August 25, will host a live broadcast of the third season of the updated show “Tantsi z with a stars” (“1+1”). Traditionally, the first release together with Yuriy Gorbunov will hold singer Tina Karol, and the star on the balcony to meet the participants after the presentations will be the winner of the last season Igor Lastochkin. It is known that the parquet will be released on 14 pairs, which is already a month preparing for the show. To evaluate dance performances will be known choreographer Francisco Gomez, the king of ballroom dance, Vlad Yama and Ukrainian prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar.

The singer and host of “GWL” Tanna together with Igor Kuzmenko will perform a passionate Rumba. And the pair will have to dance on broken glass.

Leading “Sedanka z 1+1” is the beginning of Barbir dance with Dima Beetle sensual contemporary dance in the pouring rain. Rapper Serega sexual Adelina Delhi plans to surprise freestyle under his immortal hit “Black Bumer”. By the way, in the formulation will involve a real car.

The star of the movie “Swingers” Michael Kukuk will dedicate its participation in the show, Olya Polyakova and together with his partner Lisa Druzhinina he will be performing the quickstep. A pair of Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov ‘ll build a real fire.

Couples hone their numbers in anticipation of the first broadcast, — said “FACTS” head of the project Vladimir Zawaduk. — I promise that it will be very bright and intense. All our members are determined to win!

This season will be the return of the famous dancer and choreographer Dmitry Dikusar. Ten years ago he had a show in a pair of Iryna Bilyk. It was then that the floor began their romantic relationship. This time the partner will be Dmitry actress Victoria Bulitko.

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