Ex-wife ex-captain of the Ukrainian team needs to divide the estate of a footballer and the capital Gazprombank

Бывшая жена экс-капитана сборной Украины требует поделить недвижимость футболиста и капиталы в Газпромбанке

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and Hope navrotskaya

Ex-wife ex-captain of the national team of Ukraine Anatoliy Tymoshchuk Hope navrotskaya intends to sue him, according to “Fontanka”.

Ex-wife claim half of the state is now coach of the St. Petersburg “Zenith”, says the publication.

Submitted to the courts of St. Petersburg claims in common with the preliminary investigation, under which Anatoly was in Germany.

In particular, the Hope in his lawsuit asked the Petrograd court of St.-Petersburg Tymoshchuk prohibit transactions with real estate in the elite residential complex on Krestovsky island and block within its accounts in Gazprombank cash.

The court forbade the Federal registration service to conduct transactions, but the arrest of accounts was denied.

Recall, the couple got married in 2000 in Donetsk, and divorced 16 years later in luck.

However, the marriage contract was not concluded, therefore, agreements on voluntary partition of property, the pair has not reached. And the Russian Family code, acquired during the marriage is joint property.

We will add that against Tymoshchuk opened two criminal cases in Germany.