Ex-wife Potap shared some important moments in the upbringing of their son

Son Andrew still live with mom – producer Irina Gorovoy. However, before that horova told reporters that did not prevent the fellowship of the son in the father. “Alex comes in, he is well received in our house, we communicate. Small goes with him to play football, we go to the movies with family”, — said Irina.

Экс-супруга Потапа поделилась важными моментами воспитания их сына

But in the program “Sravi way”, which airs on channel “Ukraine” on weekdays at 9:30, the Ukrainian producer admitted how household duties are burdened by Andrei.

According to Irina, clean the apartment of Andrei not forced, because he is a man. But the socks have to lie down in his place.

“He needs to clean his bed, clean socks that slips, panties or other things when dressed. And be sure he puts the dishes away in the dishwasher. That’s all he does. And so, in principle, his duty is to study well, be a smart boy, not to play a lot in the computer, love your mommy, daddy and sister to walk the dog, to plant 40 rose bushes…” – said Irina Gorovaya.

By the way, about the intricacies of upbringing their sons also told the leader of the band “Antibody” Taras Poplar and singer Alyosha. Mark and Anton are very helpful stellar mom and dad.

“So help you twice as long to do what can be done very quickly. But it is such assistance that the heart is simply happy. Who have children know what it is to nail the nail or repairing something at home, when you are still working or when around you run two children and help you”, – said Taras Poplar. However, the star daddy shows leniency, because he knows that when children offer help – to refuse sin.