Ex-wife Tymoshchuk decided to sue the former football player elite apartment in Russia (photos)

Бывшая супруга Тимощука решила отсудить у экс-футболиста элитные квартиры в России (фото)

Hope navrotskaya, ex-wife of the ex-player of Shakhtar and the national team of Ukraine Anatoliy Tymoshchuk working in the coaching staff of the Russian “Zenith”, filed a lawsuit in the Central district court of St. Petersburg on the division of jointly acquired property and alimony, according to “Fontanka”.

The mother of two children, ex-football player demands to recognize together their newly gained five apartments in the elite house on Krestovsky island. Hope also sought to recover half of the money ex-husband’s accounts in Gazprombank, and also hold one third of the monthly income Tymoshchuk in favor of two minor children (in 2010, the couple gave birth to twin girls, Noah and MIA).

In the statement of Expectations States that it has repeatedly appealed to Anatolia with a request to pay the alimony, but was refused. The amount of debt she does not know, so as not to be aware of the real incomes of Tymoshchuk.

Tymoshchuk ex-wife (the couple divorced in 2016) lives in Germany, where he played from 2009-2013 for Bayern Munich. In Germany, the Hope also filed for alimony, and the court has partially satisfied its requirements. In his decision, the record of the national team of Ukraine on the number of matches (144) obliged each month to pay the former the family of about 15 thousand euros — by 2.5 thousand each daughter and 10 thousand Hope.

Бывшая супруга Тимощука решила отсудить у экс-футболиста элитные квартиры в России (фото)

Another happy family: Mr and Hope with her daughters

By the way, in a recent interview the ex-wife of Tymoshchuk said: “Previously, Singh always wore a Ukrainian flag after the victory. With the outbreak of war it could be seen with St. George’s ribbons, but not with the Ukrainian flag.”

Let me remind you that over the years Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, besides Shakhtar, defended the colors of “Zenit”, “Bavaria” and “Kairat”, winning the Championships of Ukraine, Russia and Germany, Kazakhstan Cup and the Champions League, the Cup and the UEFA super Cup.

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