Ex-world champion “In Boxing doping use all”

Экс-чемпион мира: "В боксе допинг используют все"

Paul Malignaggi

The former world champion in two weight categories under versions IBF and WBA, and now an expert on TV, Paul Malignaggi spoke about the scale of the doping problem in Boxing.

“Yes! Use all. But it is not terrible. The scary thing is that them it is impossible to blame. At least as long as the anti-doping service will not begin this struggle, not its imitation. Look, how can a boxer not to use drugs if he knows that his opponent is doping? In the end, we speak not only about career but about life, safety and health. Without doping you will retire much earlier, so nothing really, and not having achieved”, – quotes the American xsport.ua.

“Testing for doping should be much harsher, more sudden and frequent. What is in the box now is not working. Think, how many times have fighters check in the framework of “Pure Boxing” by the WBC and WADA? I checked once in 7 months. WADA have simply no money to conduct tests more often. They still cost money. That’s why I say that it is not control, but some profonatsiya. Only idiots can believe that this whole thing works. What you recorded in the program, doesn’t mean you checked. That’s the whole truth.

We need involvement of all parties. All four organizations, all the major promoters. You need to increase the number of tests. But where will this lead? True. Increase the number of the caught soldiers. But who needs it if you have to mold new stars?”, – asks the rhetorical question Malignaggi.