Examples of bangs, Ani Lorak took off a dozen years and has led subscribers to the delight

Ani Lorak was struck by subscribers beauty transformation. His admiration expressed not only to fans of the 41-year-old singer, but the star and colleagues.

Примерив челку, Ани Лорак скинула десяток лет и привела подписчиков в восторг

After Ani had an affair with 26-year-old Yegor Gleb, it was virtually no news. Love hit the head! Apparently, in a new relationship, the singer used the ancient women’s wisdom “a new hairstyle — a new life.”

Ani Lorak has laid out the photo, which appeared in a new way. The singer has cut bangs and dyed her hair a darker shade. In the picture of a celebrity posing in a blouse with a fun print and leather skirt.

“With a small step begins the road. Starts with smiles of happiness! A nice warm day!” — signed photo of Lorak.

Changes in appearance of the singer pleased her fans: “Beautiful way”, “so You go Bang!”. With the change of the image of the Lorak had indeed improved and even began to look younger.