Excessive ambitions Putin ridiculed vivid caricature

Непомерные амбиции Путина высмеяли яркой карикатурой

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known to many for its aggressive policy and big ambitions.

Not so long ago on the page “Tapas&Tango” on Twitter were publishing with a powerful caricature that reflects the desire of the Russian leader to seize power in the middle East.

The picture shows a pencil in black and white. Putin is athletic and a huge head. Gloves with the words “Syria”, the Russian President holds a huge tangle of snakes, which exceeds the dimensions of his body.

The figure also includes the text that represents the thoughts of Putin. He says he was finally able to get a part of the Middle East, and then asked myself: “What next?”.

The author of the post wrote under a photo that took him from the publication “the Economist”, and called the cartoon a brilliant demonstration of ambitions of the President Rossiiskoi Federation concerning influence in the middle East.