Exercising before sleep does not guarantee restful sleep

Working out before sleep does not guarantee restful sleep


Intense workouts before bed don't necessarily lead to restful sleep, a recent Concordia University study found.

So, according to the he study conducted by Emmanuel Frimpong, postdoctoral researcher at the Sleep, Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory, and Melodee Mograss, cognitive neuropsychologist and researcher at the PERFORM Sleep Laboratory, intensive training does not promote sleep if it is performed less than two hours before the sleep.

The opposite, however, is observed if performed two or more hours before sinking into Morpheus' arms.

“Based on our analysis, for healthy adults, young and middle-aged average, with no history of sleep disturbances, exercises done in the evening should be done in the early evening if possible,” Frimpong concluded. The latter added, on the other hand, that a regular exercise schedule must be established so as not to disturb sleep.

“Finally, sleep hygiene strategies should also be adopted, such as taking a shower between the end of the exercise session and bedtime and avoiding heavy meals or drinking plenty of water before bedtime. 'go to sleep,' he also clarified.

Research based on 15 previous studies

While the results seemed mixed on the subject , the Concordia University researchers chose to analyze 15 studies to reach their conclusion.

“Some results vary depending on the time of exercise, others depend on the degree of physical fitness of the participants or even the type of exercises performed,” explained Ms. Mograss.

The purpose of this study was therefore to assess the impact of high-intensity training on sleep.

“Researchers statistically analyzed and combined data from the 15 studies to explore variables such as timing of exercise,” reads u n press release published on Tuesday.