Expansion of public transit in Sherbrooke: massive investments, promises QS

Public transit expansion in Sherbrooke: massive investments, QS promises< /p> UPDATE DAY

In order to fight against climate change, Québec Solidaire (QS) is committed to investing $4.3 billion in the expansion of public transit in the Sherbrooke metropolitan area. 

This project will aim, among other things, to build two tramway lines, to develop nine high-frequency bus lines and to connect the network to the intercity transport network of Québec-Rail and Québec-Bus .

“It's not an expense: it's an investment that our children and grandchildren will thank us for. This is what allows us to fight against climate change, by improving mobility in the greater Sherbrooke region. All of this is in addition to the train line between Sherbrooke and Montreal that I had the pleasure of announcing yesterday as part of the creation of Quebec-Rail,” said QS spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. , who believes that this is what the population wants.

“At Québec solidaire, we have understood that citizens need to be provided with the means to change their lifestyle,” said, for her part, indicated Christine Labrie, candidate for QS in Sherbrooke, who specifies that the people of her riding want more options to make their trip.

We hear the same story among the candidates in Saint -François and Richmond, Mélissa Généreux and Philippe Pagé, who believe that the people of Estrie would take public transit if the service was offered.

“If the service was there, and it was effective, people would take it. Public transit shouldn't be fair for people who live in city centers,” said Mr. Pagé.