Expect the unexpected: 11 tips on how to safely travel in the era of coronavirus

One of the frequent flyer posted in his blog about his journey in business class from Heathrow airport (London) to new York via Amsterdam to “demonstrate what it’s like to actually fly during COVID-19”. This writes DailyMail.

Ожидайте неожидаемого: 11 советов, как безопасно путешествовать в эпоху коронавируса

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Blogger Gilbert Ott has published some useful tips on how to stay safe in the airplane in the world of coronavirus.

He writes: “I found a few things that really helped me calm down.”

Wireless entertainment

“Despite the fact that the airlines say they will make significant efforts to disinfect flight, writes Gilbert, I’d prefer not to trust anyone else for my personal safety. Accordingly, I fell in love more than ever to your personal tablet, laptop, and wireless headphones.

“Download a bunch of content for offline viewing, and you will touch only your things,” writes the blogger.

Triple check

Everything has become much more complex, says Gilbert.

He writes: “On the way back I asked the nice agent registration, how is her day, and she said, “I am stressed, too many restrictions on entry and new rules.”


“I think the fewer things you touch, the better. Now is the time to take our food to go, make yourself a sandwich and be prepared to self-care,” writes the blogger.

“With few exceptions, the food on the plane was never particularly tasty, and now you have a good reason to eat your food,” added Gilbert.

Wear your own cloth

Gilbert advises to carry your own wipes and hand sanitizer, moreover, “in most airports, the limits on disinfectant for the hands increased to a level of more than 100 ml”.

He also remembered a video on the hygiene of aircraft from Naomi Campbell, released in July 2019, at which she wipes her gloves on the seat in business class.

“This video was ahead of its time,” writes Gilbert.

Wear several layers of clothing or change of clothes

Worried about the surface contact? Gilbert says that the presence of layers that you can change helps.

He adds: “On the way back I decided to change into a new outfit, and then, after passing airport security, wash hands.”

Avoid compartments for hand Luggage where possible

He writes: “Containers for Luggage has always been a big dilemma for travelers, and now they are a dilemma each. Airlines are charging astronomical amounts for baggage, have led many savvy travelers have come to learn how to pack your belongings in hand Luggage, but this means that you need to reach out to the least cleared area of the aircraft, and to come into contact with other passengers.”

Take two masks

Gilbert considers “very good” mask “should be mandatory”.

Why? “For the simple reason that you don’t wish to infect or be infected by, and masks help reduce the spread of droplets when you talk, sneeze, or breathe with your mouth open,” he writes.

The mask appears to be effective for about four hours, so “vomited or even three, says Gilbert. — And how to wear them correctly.”

Check in for the flight online

Boarding passes is a good Souvenirs, but the more digital you will be able to make the trip the less time you have to spend around other airports.

Gilbert writes: “where possible, printing a boarding pass or, better yet, use the mobile app of your airline to bypass all errors will save time, effort and close physical contact with others.”

He admits that it may be more difficult in long-haul flights, but said that it should be easy for short flights.

Pay more attention to the transit

“Most countries suggest to do without public transport, where possible, says Gilbert. — Pay a little more attention to the availability and / or protocols necessary for any reason”.

Select the place closest to the door and Windows

One short flight Gilbert felt that “at least 10 people walk past me.” Plus, a few passengers lingered around him while they waited to pass.

The answer, says Gilbert, is to put yourself closer to the exit door of the plane and at the window that no one had to pass by you.

Expect the unexpected

“From the abolition of the inspection of health condition, it may take some time before travel returns to normal state that was observed before Covid-19″ writes Gilbert. — Understanding that things can change, will only help to make your trip more pleasant.”


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