“Expectation vs Reality”: the bride brought a wedding cake with a “beautiful” peacock

«Ожидание vs Реальность»: невесте доставили свадебный торт с «красивым» павлином

A resident of the U.S. state of Georgia Rena Davis ordered well in advance to your wedding beautiful cake.

Write about the Facts.

She showed the woman a photo of pastry attracted to her cake, decorated with spectacular peacock with a long tail of cupcakes. And asked to do the same — only in the shape of a heart and two peacocks.

«Ожидание vs Реальность»: невесте доставили свадебный торт с «красивым» павлином

For the future work of the bride have paid an advance of $ 300. And was horrified when she made a delivery the night before the wedding. According to the newspaper Metro, first, instead of the gourmet fondant in the cake decoration was used a regular butter cream. But the worst was the cake looked quite different, as pictured in Rene dreams.

The groom’s sister, posted on the social network Facebook photos. “One of the “peacocks” looks like a patient with leprosy a Turkey or something like that. The second bird, which is assumed to be white, not white. She doesn’t even have tail and she never seems to be a bird… birds did not support and cake strongly tilted under its own weight already at delivery. And in the morning he scolopacina even more — so that birds sat on his lower bunk,” wrote a relative of Davis.

She tells Rena that five minutes after the departure of pastry chef, one of the birds head fell off.

In the end, the morning on the day of her wedding, a woman spent in shopping in search of a suitable cake.

Wren demanded the return of her money. Pastry cook at first refused. But then sent them to her by mail — after photos of her work spread across the social networks.

According to the newspaper Metro, the cake stood three days in the fridge, and then Rena threw it away. She says she was so angry that not even tried it on taste.