Expected significant rise in price of borsch set

In Ukraine are preparing for a significant increase in the price of borsch set in February.

Ожидается значительное подорожание борщевого набора

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

Hopes of Ukrainian farmers regarding the rising prices of vegetables after the holidays, did not materialize. Pre-holiday rush has passed, the demand decreased significantly, although manufacturers hoped that the vegetables for borsch set will go up from the end of December.

Analysts “info SHUVAR” was told that the prices went up, however slightly, by 10-15%. Moreover, in the second week of January borscheva set in Ukraine sold two times cheaper than a year ago.

The only exception was potatoes, which cost almost a third more than last year.

The head of the analytical Department of APIU “SHUVAR” Tatyana Getman noted that the next significant increase in the price farmers are now waiting in February.

“The basis for these assumptions was the scenario of the last two seasons, when vegetables began to rise in the second half of winter. But unlike those years, in 2019 the area under vegetables is increased. Therefore, the growth rates is open to question”, – said the expert.

Getman added that an important factor is that with the growth of prices for Ukrainian vegetables in the domestic market rather quickly you receive imported products. For example, the import of onion from Poland and Kazakhstan may begin as soon as the price overcomes the border 10-11 UAH/kg. the Import of potatoes began in the beginning of the season and is still ongoing.