Expensive and tasteless: 17 products that it is better not to buy at Trader Joe’s

At Trader Joe’s is what’s to love: healthy products at affordable prices, cheap but tasty wine for under $10, eco-friendly products and some of the friendliest staff you will ever meet. This writes the Eat This, Not That!

Дорого и невкусно: 17 продуктов, которые лучше не покупать в Trader Joe's

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But even in the best companies from time to time are not very good products. With a huge selection it’s inevitable that some products Trader Joe’s are overpriced or just not as tasty. What products to avoid at Trader Joe’s.

1. Chocolate bars Gummy Bear

We love gummy bears and chocolate bars, so theoretically it should be the new favorite candy. But unfortunately, when these two delicious product combined taste at best strange and at worst rude.

2. Vanilla oatmeal

Cereal taste great, but it’s one of the few things at Trader Joe’s that just not very profitable. Packages of $1.99 small and quickly end.

3. Buns

If immediately after the purchase to make sandwiches, they are delicious, but within 24 hours the moldy buns. Buyers say that this is a big problem for all baked goods in the store. But there is a solution. If you store bread in the fridge, everything will be fine.

4. Almond oil

Almond butter from Trader Joe’s is delicious, but it’s not the best offer. The jar is 16 oz (454 g) costs us $7.99, and Target — for half a dollar cheaper.

5. Bun Bao

Add toppings from cheese to traditional Chinese buns, Bao — interesting concept, but there is a reason why it was not there before. It’s two ingredients that must remain separate.

6. Organic milk

Gallon (3.78 l) of organic milk at Trader Joe’s costs $2,30 more than a gallon of organic milk at Whole Foods. Bang!

Many buyers say that the milk from Trader Joe’s spoils almost immediately. A store employee tells us that the milk in the store is pasteurized once, while other stores is pasteurized milk a few times.

7. Cheese with the taste of truffle

The taste of truffle is quite specific, so this cheese comes in the stores in small batches. This cheese has a very distinct taste of truffles even for fans of the expensive fungus.

8. Pre-made sandwiches

Pre-made sandwiches from Trader Joe’s look tempting, but they are soft and dry. This is not the best option for lunch.

9. Ready-made salads

The greens are not fresh, and any ready-made salad that contains meat or fish of dubious quality. When the meat or fish tastes strange, you know that it’s time to prepare for severe abdominal pain.

10. Joe’s O’s

As you can guess by the title of this cereal from Trader Joe’s. They are a little soft, and the whole texture is spoiled.

11. Pasta made from black beans

Yes, it’s great that there are so many choices of pasta. But do you really want your pasta had the taste of black beans? The taste and texture of this pasta is not very good.

12. Pizza with cauliflower

Unfortunately, the pizza from cauliflower Trader Joe’s crumbles when it’s in the oven. Instead enjoy our homemade pizza, you’ll clear the bottom of the oven at least ten minutes.

13. Frozen curry of jackfruit (jackfruit)

The texture of the jackfruit gives this dish an unpleasant taste. And because rice is not seasoned, the dish eventually becomes soft and tasteless.

14. Frozen falafel

Besides the fact that they are soft and dry, lacking the crispy texture that we love so much in the falafel. This is a definite “gap” in the frozen food section.

15. Shepherd’s pie

In addition to the fact that this cake has no taste, soft texture makes this dish inedible.

16. Ready to eat chicken Breasts grill

They are really dry and have an unappetizing texture. If you are looking for chicken in Trader Joe’s, go to the produce section and buy chicken strips Grilled Just. Especially good lemon chicken.

17. Gnocchi with cabbage

Of course, this is an easy way to add more vegetables to your diet. But it is also a way to ruin a perfectly good potato flavor of the gnocchi.