Expensive Internet and cold popcorn: things that annoy travelers

Say, in a strange monastery with its Charter, not walk, therefore, coming to another country, we act in accordance with the rules. However, the difference of mentality and culture can play havoc with even the most prepared travelers. And in the best case, ignorance will lead to confusion for the local, and at worst will lead to a fine or prison term. This writes AdMe.ru.

Дорогой интернет и холодный попкорн: вещи, которые раздражают путешественников

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20 tourists talked about their impressions of travels to different parts of the world.

Traffic, transport

The driver of autoriksha in India will charge you several times more if you don’t speak Hindi. And in the southern States of the country the routes and bus numbers and not translated into English from the languages Malayalam and Kannada.

In Bulgaria, Montenegro and Georgia, in comparison with Western Europe, a very low level of driving culture. Rules are often not respected.

In the UK get ready for an expensive ride by public transport. The ticket on the London underground costs about $8.

In Israel, no traffic to wait on Shabbat. On Saturdays we have to move on foot or by taxi.

In Vietnam during peak hours, cars driving on sidewalks. As cyclists in the Netherlands — race at high speed and popping up on the pedestrian part. The latter, incidentally, still send curses in the form of diseases tarried pedestrian.

In Thailand to find a taxi with a child seat, but the drive there is not safe.


Annoying when street vendors in the face calculate the Slavs and begin to shout in the street: “Oh, frost, frost”.

In Sweden and other European countries in many stores only accept credit cards.

In Europe there is no shop open on Sundays. Yes, even the bread is impossible to buy. In Spain all they stay closed for Siesta. In Greece in the summer they are open not more than 6 hours per day.

In India there is no concept of a queue in a shop, who could all shake and squeeze ahead, and got food. The queue consists of 20-30 people, so stand in it for hours.

If you long to consider and not buy a thing in Thai shop, saying that she did not like, many sellers will show open aggression. In General, there all cute, but if something goes wrong, then immediately start screaming.


In Verona we had lunch at a simple eatery. Imagine our surprise when we found the receipt not the amount that was listed on the menu. It turned out to be Italian coperto — fee for service, which depends on the popularity of the institution and its location.

In Europe (and worldwide) very expensive Internet. We are so spoiled for the meager cost that it becomes a real pain.

I have the feeling that in Europe people in the service sector, and robots. To negotiate humanly impossible. Sometimes the absurd comes. We booked online a Shuttle for two, but on the day of departure we were joined by a third man. Were confident that we can resolve this issue. The bus came 50 people, employing 4 persons. The driver loaded our bags and even listen to us now: reservation for two — taking only. So we drove 100 km in an empty bus.

Different the price of coffee at the bar or at a table across Europe.

On the streets of South-East Asia stretched wire in huge quantity. In addition, they spoil the photos, because of this are often power outages.

In India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, causing a plumbing, electrical or any other master, be ready that during the week they will promise “here to go” and did not appear. Same with ordering water — it can wait a long time, and the tap, as you know, in this part of the world is better not to drink.


If you ask at an Indian restaurant to make the dish non-spicy (not spicy), my mouth will still be burning. Do not even chance to taste medium spicy (medium spicy).

The norm in Germany is considered to be burping while eating, and sometimes expelling the gases. At best the Germans will apologize, as if just sneezed.

Small annoyance: in France only sell cold popcorn.

In Italy don’t drink tea. The maximum that can be found in the school, a bag for €3 ($3,33). In the supermarket, by the way, for €3 you can buy 2 packs of tea.

Only lucky people manage not to catch a stomach bug during the first week of stay in India (even if thoroughly wash hands and to cook). But after several days of inhuman suffering produces immunity for a lifetime.

In Southeast Asia eat with your right hand. The left for “unclean” manipulation in the toilet. If you don’t want to be mocked, don’t touch food with the left hand.

Habits/ superstitions/ communication style

In Thailand, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, it is customary to remove your shoes when entering any room. To take your shoes off on the doorstep of all shops and stores tires.

In Canada report someone to the relevant authorities is not to squeal and be vigilant. Neighbor can come over with cakes, drink tea, to compliment her daughter. But 30 minutes after she left you will come to the service with a check supposedly received a complaint that your lawn is not trimmed.

The Norwegians never sit opposite a stranger on the bus. Instead, they will stand all the way to each other to interfere with and push.

What baffles me is ostentatious benevolence of Europeans. I was with a friend in Sweden, me as the Queen met. Her husband is a Swede persistently offered help, took the city, although I tried not to. Upon arrival told everyone that we shouldn’t believe the Europeans inhospitable and duplicitous. And then she called and asked never to come. It turned out, the wife was uncomfortable, he was in shock that I stayed with them for a month.

In Georgia, the irritating need to communicate with local when such simple things as going to the store. Some people like it, but when buying every little thing turns into a 15-minute conversation, it is annoying.

In Asia did not hurry. When you are late, for example, in the airport, your taxi driver can stop at the roadside for a long time and have some street food.

If you ask directions in many countries in South East Asia, you navret with three boxes and will only confuse. Generally, I like to lie around without much reason.

The same unique gesture of his head, the Indian may mean, depending on context, “Yes”, “no”, “don’t know”, “put the right word”.

Rules, fines

In China, annoying the constant need to pass through metal detectors on the streets, especially in the city centre. A fine of up to €500 ($554) you need to pay in Spain if the police officer feels that you are disrespectful told him.

Berlin subway is divided into zones. The penalty for what you were in the zone with the wrong ticket, is €80 ($89). While travel is sold only in machines, and no one to ask.

In Singapore you will be fined $400 for what you throw at the ground the cigarette butt or chewing gum. The desire to smoke in a public place will cost you $800.

In Egypt it is strictly forbidden to take photos of military facilities and government agencies. Such a picture will result in a prison term.

Paid services/cash transactions

In the European shops the sellers from the Middle East do not paste the price tag on a product and cashing in on tourists. And the deception is revealed quickly, you only go to the neighbor and discover the same product 2 times cheaper.

In Europe you can not pay for some services in cash. For example, no card — there is no Shuttle from the airport.

In the Western countries and Israel need to tip for everything: cleaned the room, brought a suitcase, given a towel by the pool.

Discounts and promotions in Europe are not advertised, they need to know and be reminded of his awareness before buying a ticket. For example, in London you can almost all places to go on a one ticket pair. For this, however, you need to buy a ticket on the train, not the bus. This information is nowhere in Britain is not to find, only in the network share it.

Lift in Georgia is 10 tetri ($0,35) up (down free). Like penny, but if you don’t have them (and they are, as a rule, in the pocket turns), then go on foot. With a couple of suitcases pile up.


In Sweden and the Netherlands are no curtains. In France, there are common screens.

In most Danish apartments no bath, only a shower. And Cabinet can be not only in the bathroom but in the kitchen.

The “wrong” outlet in any country can withdraw any of the balance. Especially if there is a 1% charge and found it tonight.

Not all tolerant of the habit of foreigners to sunbathe naked. In Germany, everything else in the public baths are prohibited from entering in bathing suits. Worried men and women in the same room.

In the UAE doctors prescribe too many antibiotics. Even just with a cold or headache. But to call the doctor at home is impossible, even if the child’s temperature.

In the first days of stay in India, we went by train to another city. My friend went to the toilet and 5 minutes later called me from the bathroom in desperation. Indians don’t use toilet paper, but my friend found it, alas, too late.