Expert opinion: the nuts must be soaked to get rid of carcinogens

Nuts before you eat their food, you need some time to soak in the water: this is essential for getting rid of dirt and carcinogenic fungi. The necessity of soaking nuts insists nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

Экспертное мнение: орехи необходимо замачивать для избавления от канцерогенов

The nutritionist stressed that although nuts in many respects a very useful product for health, “it is important to have these foods in your diet, it is important to know how to cook them”.

A healthy person is useful every day to eat a handful of nuts. Margaret Queen recommends a pre-soak in water such a handful of nuts at night. In the morning, wash them to get rid of possible mold and carcinogens.

Where the nuts are carcinogens? Storage (especially a wrong, with violations) in the nuts often appear in the mold. Fungi can produce aflatoxins which can cause allergic reactions, deep food poisoning, respiratory diseases, and the development of tumors.

Soaking and washing nuts protects against this problem and make the service potential of a product more substantial.

“We raise the activity of enzymes in the composition, through which the nuts become a living product. They will give us the energy, will maximize the digestion of fat and protein component, not to take our energy, and charge us,” said Margarita Queen.