Experts called benefits of watermelon for health


Summer berry will help “clean up” the intestines and liver, as well as ease the condition of cholelithiasis.

Эксперты назвали пользу арбуза для здоровья

Sweet and low-calorie watermelon is rich in minerals and vitamins. The product is loved by adults and children. Berry improves the condition of hypertensive patients, reduces swelling, and cleanses the blood-vascular system, helps to lose weight long eliminates the feeling of hunger due to the effect of filling the stomach.

Doctors are allowed to eat watermelon from 2 years of age. Up to this point, there is a risk of poisoning as farmers often use pesticides to speed up the ripening melons. The body of the baby can not cope with such a concentration of nitrates.

The harmless berry comes on the market in August. Watermelon is high in glucose, so people with diabetes and high acidity is not recommended to use it.

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