Experts called household items that can cause cancer

The most carcinogenic things.

In the house, each of us can find household items that can cause cancer, reports the with reference to Facenews.

Эксперты назвали бытовые предметы, способные вызвать рак

So, experts have called the most carcinogenic things in our daily life.

To threat were identified as:

Furniture from chipboards: there is a carcinogenic formaldehyde, prolonged inhalation of which can contribute to the development of cancer of the throat and nose.
Cookware with non-stick coating: it contains a high level perflurocarbons acid. This substance negatively affects the thyroid gland.
Naphthalene may cause destruction of red blood cells.
Air fresheners: they contain a lot of formaldehyde, which is fraught with cancer, particularly cancer of the throat.
Button batteries: they are dangerous because they can swallow both children and animals.