Experts called products, which need not be washed before cooking: dangerous to health!

Washing poultry can cause the spread of harmful bacteria around the kitchen and, accordingly, to trigger the development of bacterial infection. This is reported by the experts, adding that eggs and mushrooms be washed before eating is also not necessary.

Эксперты назвали продукты, которые не нужно мыть перед приготовлением: опасно для здоровья!

Research has shown that washing chicken (and other meat birds), as well as eggs and mushrooms should not be. Dangerous bacteria are killed by heat treatment, and washing can only spread them all over the kitchen.

“The results of scientific work it is said that washing does not destroy the pathogenic germs, but only contributing to their dissemination in the kitchen. Getting on the cooking utensils or food with drops of water, dangerous bacteria can threaten people, causing a variety of bacterial infections”, — the report says.

Eggs should not be washed, as water with the bacteria can penetrate through the porous structure, and the washed mushrooms are perishable, as are saturated with water. You need to wash it before cooking it’s fish, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, legumes and rice.