Experts called the optimal temperature of the house

Not always too high temperature in the homes of healthy, said experts.

Эксперты назвали оптимальную для здоровья температуру дома

Experts have told how warm it should be in residential areas, to avoid problems for the body.

There are regulations under which a person is comfortable and safe to reside in a residential home. In the cold season is 18-24 degrees, and in summer 20-28 degrees Celsius. Thus, experts advise not to heat the room in the fall and winter is above 24 degrees. If you do not follow this recommendation, you can “earn” the fatigue, decreased performance, and even problems with the cardiovascular system. In addition, the increased risk of Contracting influenza and SARS, since in such circumstances the person decreases the immunity.

However, too cold in the apartment, too, should not be. It faces acute respiratory infections, and worsening of the flow of various chronic diseases.