Experts called unexpected products and the factors that increase the risk of stroke

Experts called unexpected food, medicines and factors that increase the risk of stroke.

Эксперты назвали неожиданные продукты и факторы, увеличивающие риск инсульта

Food not only determines the risk of stroke, but also your overall health, so you need to be most careful to watch what you eat. In the modern world even the familiar products become hazardous, as in food is increasingly found all sorts of dangerous additives.

For example, pork. If pork is good quality, its limited use should not create special health risks, but the market increasingly found pork just carcinogenic and toxic substances that accumulate in the body and inflict no less harm than cigarettes or alcohol. In the long term, consumption of such meat seriously increases the risk of stroke.

If you think that if you completely switch to vegetarian food, you can protect yourself from a stroke, you are mistaken. Recent studies show that vegetarians have been the victims of stroke even more than meat eaters. The reason — an unbalanced diet with a lack of omega-3 and deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

The risk of stroke increases with excessive consumption of sweets, as well as the resulting impact on the body of pesticides. Plus, the risks are increased when taking certain medicines — this, for example, a number of anti-inflammatory drugs are especially dangerous when used simultaneously with a sedative. Cause of stroke may be psychological — in particular, stroke is markedly rarer optimists (35 percent less likely than pessimists).