Experts called ways to quit electronic cigarettes

On the background of the tragic accidents associated with Smoking electronic cigarettes, foreign experts have introduced ways to opt-out devices. One of variants of struggle is a spiritual practice.

Эксперты назвали способы отказа от электронных сигарет

The first thing to do is to make a list of tasks that can replace the time associated with electronic cigarettes. If addiction is associated with relaxation, we are an alternative spiritual practices, including meditation and yoga. Equally important is the support of the environment, friends, relatives, all they need to know about the desire to say goodbye to a destructive addiction. This also should include support groups comprising like-minded people. In some cases, it is not excluded appeal to the specialist as it is a strong addiction.

Nicotine replacement therapy, in turn, was better known for its role in Smoking cessation. Among the measures: patches, chewing gum and inhalers that deliver nicotine. They allow you to break the habit and from exposure to chemicals. Not least reading information related to the adverse effects of electronic cigarettes.

It is worth noting that globally, an increasing number of deaths associated with Smoking electronic cigarettes. The authorities are doing everything possible to stop the dangerous trend.