Experts explain what’s the catch the new pension reform

In the Ukrainian Parliament are considering the introduction of funded pension. It can be an additional income, regardless of the main government payments.

Эксперты объяснили в чем подвох новой пенсионной реформы

Details told the portal heiser.

Financial experts explained that such payments and innovation while it is not necessary to rejoice.

As we reported earlier, the country would like to enter a storage system, which will allow all Ukrainian people, officially trudoustroeno in the country, start saving for retirement at any age. The system should be flexible, each employee can define it for themselves. To break the funds will be from both the employer and employee. It involves from one to five percent payment of their salaries in a specially created for this Fund. After retirement, the person can manage their savings. For example, to take the whole amount at once, or assign a certain amount of monthly payments yourself.

This form appeared already in other advanced countries. In our country, last year conducted the corresponding social survey, which determined that, say, Ukrainians did not know how to chip and save your money. In this regard, and there was a similar idea, to “teach” the Ukrainians to postpone their money for old age from a very early age and throughout life. However, they say that this system is based on a voluntary basis, if the Ukrainian does not want to use it that none of this is not forced, neither from the employer nor from the state. Other sources assert that the system has a mandatory character, and every Ukrainian is now forced to set aside funds with their own so not a big salary.

It is also worth noting that one of the mandatory taxes that pays every Ukrainian is the tax on pensions. But now everyone will have to pay a minimum of one percent to retire, if desired, this percentage can be increased. The employer is required to double the bet. That is the minimum he will pay two percent.

Furthermore, this system has several ways of development: dynamic long-term investment in potentially higher-yielding instruments, but risky; conservative — a more reliable investment, but with a low yield; balanced — a combination of the two above-mentioned portfolios.

Optionally, the Ukrainians will be able early to start to “second” retirement. But then with a pension from the state will have to wait.

For example, if you take the minimum wage (UAH 4173) and the small contribution from 3%, after ten years, the citizen will be able to count on a pension only to 102 hryvnia.