Experts found out why with age, increasing weight

Most often, weight gain in adulthood is associated with a decrease in activity and hormonal changes in the body. But as it turned out, this process also involved itself fat tissue.

Специалисты выяснили, почему с возрастом растет вес

Swedish researchers found that the cause of weight gain with age may be due to the characteristics of the adipose tissue, namely in the speed of lipid metabolism. This figure depends on a number of factors, including genetic. Someone lipid metabolism going a little faster, someone slower. But with age, the rate of lipid exchange is reduced at all.

Specialists for 13 years watched 54 volunteers older who have passed a analysis of fat cells. The scientists also collected data about the habits and diet of the study participants. During the experiment someone of the participants gained weight, and someone, by contrast, lost weight.

As explained by scientists, the speed of digestion of fat molecules with the years decreases, so the participants of the study who had not changed their diet, on average gained 20%. To lose weight have been those who began to control their diet and reduce the amount of calories.

Also, experts have studied the rate of lipid metabolism in the 40 women who did the liposuction. It turned out that the weight has been preserved by those who have used accelerated fat metabolism and started to eat rationally.