Experts have called the best food with protein for daytime snacking

In between Breakfast, lunch and dinner, many of us escalates the hunger and desire of snacking. Experts have called the most useful options.

Эксперты назвали лучшую пищу с белком для дневных перекусов

Seeds. One of the most common products for snacks that people in our country. Especially pleased to know that sunflower seeds are very healthy and are an excellent vegetable source of protein. They also contain fatty acids omega-3 and fiber. Regular consumption of sunflower seeds reduces the risk of constipation, atherosclerosis, diabetes and even cancer.

Chia seeds. Along with protein, these seeds have a high content of calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, b vitamins and folate. Seeds help to improve bowel function, heart and digestive system.

Pumpkin seeds. Earlier mankind did not really pay attention to them, but today, pumpkin seeds are increasingly included in the composition of those or other dishes as a very useful ingredient. Pumpkin seeds contain proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can eat them in their original form, or to add to smoothies or salads.

Almonds. This nut is equally useful for the brain and heart, and it helps to lose weight. It contains dietary fiber and proteins, so that the almonds to get better is quite difficult. One serving of these nuts, 162 calories that satisfies hunger between meals.

Walnuts. The average walnut weighs 28 g contains 4 grams of protein. No need to add walnuts anywhere, eat them in their original form.