Experts have called the early signs of stroke, cerebral


To be able to recognize a stroke is very important. Medical experts told about what signs can be observed at the early stage of stroke, whose development is gaining momentum.

Специалисты назвали ранние признаки инсульта головного мозга

Experts note that the first signals of a beginning stroke it is possible to catch for a few days and even months before that dramatic moment, when a person happens to massive hemorrhage. According to them, in case of hemorrhage in the right hemisphere of the brain externally, affected the left half of the body, and if the focus of the stroke will be located in the left hemisphere, affected the right half.

What can people feel in the early stages of the development of stroke? Doctors call several signs of a possible threat of the process:

In addition, against the background of these symptoms may experience symptoms that resemble indigestion.

Experts report that these symptoms can last for several hours, and after – to pass, to be replaced by a completely normal feeling. But complacency is not. Be sure to visit the doctor, because the risk of a full stroke in these phenomena is very high.