Experts have found 15 interesting facts about men’s health

Despite popular belief that men are the stronger sex, experts found that not everything is so simple with men’s health. In addition, they determined which diseases affected more often by men than women.

Специалисты выяснили 15 интересных фактов о мужском здоровье

1. The duration of life. It is established that women live on average 13 years longer than men. The female body from premature death protects the hormone estrogen.

2. Beauty. Here men give women a head start: thanks to a smaller loss of collagen, the face of men longer remains young.

3. A thick blood. Men’s blood is 10% thicker than women. It is for this men are more likely to suffer from diseases associated with increased thrombosis.

4. Heart. Due to the low resistance of the organism to the harmful effects of some factors: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc., in men more frequently than women develop the disease of the vascular system.

5. Stomach. Almost twice as often among men there are patients with gastritis and stomach ulcers.

6. Autoimmune diseases. Multiple sclerosis men suffer three times more often than women.

7. Left-handedness. Almost half higher among men than among women, individuals who write with the left hand.

8. A bolt of lightning. About 85% of the people who died from a lightning strike are representatives of a strong half of mankind.

9. Men’s problems. Many men give up when faced with problems in intimate life. And yet — 90% of the problems associated with erectile dysfunction successfully treated.

10. Treatment to doctors. Men are much less likely women seek help from doctors. And it is not in strong health. Most often, men refuse to visit clinics due to fear (hear something terrible about yourself), fear of certain procedures, etc.

11. Suicide. Among men than among women are those who commit suicide. And almost always that step they go deliberately.

12. Smoking. The who reports that among the men identified 40% of smokers, while among women Smoking only 9%.

13. Heartbeat. The number of heartbeats in men average of 70, women — 80.

14. Food. For men wishing to get offspring, you need to eat nuts, beans and asparagus. Grilled meat, in this case, should be deleted.

15. Breasts. Yes, men also have glands which can produce milk. However, its appearance in the breast of men is a pathology.