Experts have identified the relationship of plastic containers from diabetes and stroke

Experts from the Melbourne Institute heart and diabetes them. Baker found that the application in life of the plastic containers affect the development of stroke and diabetes. The cause of this harmful effects is the presence in their structure of bisphenol-A.

Специалисты выявили связь пластиковых контейнеров с диабетом и инсультом

To establish this relationship, scientists have been able in the course of 9 years. All data were analyzed by 755 persons, each of whom in different time periods were recorded, the levels of BPA contained in the urine.

As a result, according to the newspaper “latest news”, it was determined that those people who recorded higher rates of bisphenol-A, had a two times greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It is worth noting that the studies also take into account other important indicators, particularly weight, exercise and food regime. Scientists say that in addition to diabetes, health problems may arise in other areas, such as the kidney and cardiovascular system.

Based on the findings, the researchers recommend to reduce the use of not only plastic containers, but plastic in General, switching, in particular, on the metal container.